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About Nitto Seimo knotless nettings

Nitto Seimo knotless netting first appeared on the world market in 1925 when the Nitto Seimo Co., Ltd., founded by Mr. Teruasa Kobayashi, invented the Knotless Twisted Net weaving machine.

Nitto's Knotless nettings have virtually replaced both Raschel and Knotted nettings in the Trawl, Purse Seine fishing, Trap net fishing and fish farming industries in Japan (Fig. 1, 2)

 knotless_a.png knotless_b.png knotless_c.png knotless_d.png
"A"  "B"
"C"   "D"

Fig. 1. Nitto Seimo knotless nettings: A - Polyethylene tailene hard knotless netting (model 3 SBK) for producing trawls and Danish seine codends; B – Knotless Double cross netting for purse seine, trap and fish farming gears; C - Knotless Double cross netting for purse seine, trap and trawl gears; D – Moji net for fishing and farming small size fish.

Fig. 2. The scheme of strands interweaving (A- Nitto Seimo knotless netting, B- Knotless raschel netting
"A"  "B"

Every filament or twine in Nitto's knotless netting runs straight, so all types of synthetic fibre are allowed to keep almost 100% of their original tensile strength.

Even after woven into netting, the shock load to the finished net is seldom concentrated at one place but rather spread out evenly over the neighbouring area.

Nowadays, the use of Nitto Seimo knotless nettings has been expanded to Trawl fishing, Aquaculture, Marine fish transportation, and the various ground-use purposes such as Golf-Driving ranges, Batting-practice cages, backstops and more.

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