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Danish Seine has during the last years become the fastest growing type of all fishing gear. UNIMAR, together with its partners, have decided to be in the forefront of this development. Our group, having more then 40 years experience in designing and selling fishing gears to the offshore Danish seiners in Japan, East Russia, and now started supplying the Norwegian Danish seiners through the Norwegian netlofts, are proud to announce that our introduction of the patented and special net for the codend 3-SBK has been a great success amongst the Norwegian fishermen. Also the newly developed and patented Double and Triple Cross nets are nets designed for the future. These nets, together with our codend 3-SBK, can be built as a complete knotless square meshed Snurrevad-trawl, with the advantages this will have for the vessels owner, but also for the environment and saving of fish stocks.

On request from our netloft partners we have now started to supply the codend for Danish Seine in addition to the standard net, cylinder shape, or as square netting.

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