Protection nets for civil engineering and construction structures

Protection nets for civil engineering and construction structures.....

Fig. 7. Ball protection nets

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Protection of sport areas

For protection of different sport areas (fig 6). Additional upgrading of Ryhilene yarn used for windbreak nets and sand prevention nets for many years! Groundbreaking material for sporting nets made of high tenacity weather-resistant polyolefin yarn. A collaboration between NITTO and former TAITO SEIKO “Ryhilene ball protection net” was invented.

Fig. 6. Ball protection nets

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Screen insect protection

Ryhilene V is a polyolefin yarn having high weather resistance nd high tenacity developed by the own technology of Nitto Seimo. Ryhilene V does not emit toxic gas when it is burned unlike polyvinyl which has been traditionally used for insect screen. Considering environment, the Nitto was among the first to start production of the eco-friendly insect screen using the yarn exclusively for insect screen in 1975.

Fig. 5. Protection from insects

Feature of Ryhilene V

High tenacity and low deterioration against ultraviolet ray -> Strong and long-lasting
Realized high-quality yarn by own technology -> Wrinkle-resistant
Well balanced weaving and heat treatment at a high temperature -> Less chances of mesh distortion
Plastic yarn quality yet moderate hardness -> Excellent putting-up efficiency
Less shrinkage and stable dimension -> No slipping of screen from the frame
No toxic gas emission in case of burning -> Eco friendly

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Protection wild animal damage nets

Unimar can supply various knotless protection nets as well from Nitto Seimo:

- For protection forest and farms fields. The damage to forests and farm crops caused by wild animals’ invasion are serious. The wild animal invasion protection net (fig. 4 ) Nitto invented is a rational net having minimal weight taking into account the working efficiency in the woods and mountains. In addition, the health damage caused by birds has expanded recently. Bird protection nets have been widely used at fishery harbours / fish farms, poultry farms and grain storage facilities playing a significant role in the food safety and the environmental sanitation.

Fig. 4. Protection wild animal damage

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